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Right out of the box, the Audioengine HD3 delivered a big, bold, pleasantly forward sound. 

- Stereophile

The HD6 is refined, dynamic, and highly transparent, and bass prowess is impressive.


Easily one of the best deals in high-end audio, the Audioengine 2+ is simply incredible.

- The Absolute Sound, Editor's Choice Award

...any version of the Audioengine 2 is a sensational product.. and can’t imagine life without them. Warmly and perpetually recommended.

- Sound and Vision, Top Pick

The B1 makes a lot of sense in many environments where better sound is desired and the convenience of Bluetooth is demanded.... Audioengine has produced another winner in its lineup of solid components.

- Computer Audiophile

The D1 DAC is a must-have piece...

- The Absolute Sound

If you've got a hi-fi that you'd like to easily share, sans wires, take a look at the Audioengine B1... a well made and very good sounding Bluetooth solution whether you use its internal DAC or roll your own.

- Audiostream

Yes, you can find lower priced Bluetooth speakers for your home, but good luck find one that combines high-end looks with equally high-end sound quality.

- The Gadgeteer, B2 Review

Sweeter than the sound is the price -- only $170. That's peanuts for a DAC/amp combo of this quality. The compact, attractive design is just gravy.

- Wired, D1 Review

Virtually the same size as the Audioquest DragonFly, (D3) is just as convenient and sounds better...

- SF Classical Voice

...for $249 you get such quality sound it’s ridiculous. And what’s more, they sounded so good that I started listening to them instead of my main stereo - that’s how much I liked the A2+. 

- The Absolute Sound, A2+ Review

Audioengine’s B2 Bluetooth Speaker sounds as good as it looks. It’s as simple as that.

- Forbes Life

Audioengine has hit their mark with the D1. A good price, great delivery and well kempt sound quality round out the tiny package for the computer desktop junkie and budget audiophile alike.

- Computer Audiophile

 In short: tiny device but big, accurate bass.

- The Street

Audioengine’s B2 Bluetooth Premium Speaker stands out: it’s designed for home use and so puts the quality of the audio first and foremost.

- The Examiner